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Charlottesville poet Charlotte Matthews‘ new collection, Whistle What Can’t Be Said will be published in February 2016 by Unicorn Press. Her poems, Self Check-out and Lessons from The Butterfly Collector appeared in Streetlight summer 2000





Charlotte Matthews

Diagnosed with stage three breast cancer at age 39, Matthews’ new poetry collection catalogues her experience. “When I was diagnosed in 2006,” says Matthews, “I was given a hefty notebook to help me navigate all that I was going to experience in the months and years to follow. But something was missing, something whose absence I felt palpably. This book of poems about the experience of cancer treatment and diagnosis is the missing piece, a notebook for the inside self.”

Winner of the 2007 New Writers Award from The Fellowship of Southern Writers, Matthews authored two earlier collections, Still Enough to Be Dreaming and Green Stars, both published by Iris Press. Her poems have been featured in The Virginia Quarterly Review, Tar River Poetry, Meridian and other journals.

She has been poet in residence at Chautauqua Institution and is currently assistant professor of Creative Writing at Hollins University, Roanoke, VA. Her website:


Diana Pinckney

Diana Pinckney’s fifth collection, The Beast and The Innocent, was published in April by FutureCycle Press. Her poems, WaveringPlace and Between Worlds appeared in Streetlight, winter 2014, and the latter isincluded in her new collection.

Described as a “collection of persona poems, Diana Pinckney explores the art of others and regards the wolf as the ultimate other: ‘Wolves speak to me from beauty, strangeness and vulnerability, representing both the beast and the innocent. Their voice is the music of the wilderness…As for the beasts and the innocents these poems speak of, this writer feels there are many that are sometimes two-sided–like the god, Janus–and hopes that they will be discovered by the eye and the ear of the reader.”

Pinckney, a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, received the 2013 Irene Blair Honeycutt Lifetime Achievement in the Literary Arts Award. She also won the 2010 Ekphrasis Prize and Atlanta Review’s 2012 International Poetry Prize. Pinckney’s poems have appeared in RHINO, Cave Wall, Green Mountains Review, Tar River Poetry, The Pedestal magazine, Main Street Rag, Iodine and other journals and anthologies. Pinckney notes her new book is “not all beasts and not all innocent.”Her website is


Lance Lee

Homecomings, the sixth collection by California poet Lance Lee, was recently published by Birch Brook Press. His new collection revisits a transformative time in Greece, shared earlier in Streetlight.



Homecomings includes Lee’s poems of Greece as well as intimate considerations of the natural world — the Weston Woods, Cape Cod Woods, Pacific Wood and English Woods, among them. His poems have been published in the Antioch Review, Cross Currents, Agenda, Outposts, Stand, Orbis, Ambit, Acumen, Nimrod, Iron, Poem and Poetry Northwest.

Also a playwright and novelist, Lees’ books include Wrestling With The Angel, Becoming Human, Human/Nature and Seasons of Defiance. He is a recipient of a Creative Writing Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, Lee lives in Pacific Palisades and London. Here is his website.

Here too is a recent interview with Books and Authors.


— Elizabeth Meade Howard

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