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    Elizabeth Howard


    Ellen Climo, untitled, (remnant)

    “Ellen Climo is a Charlottesville area photographer who looks to demonstrate evidence of formal and poetic perfection within the imperfect, unkempt landscape,” notes Chroma Gallery Director Deborah McLeod. “Her photographs are square, shot with a medium format Roliflex or Hassleblad film camera. The geometric precision of a square frame is something the artist considers to strike a balance between the landscape format and a manner of portraiture of place. There is a resonance to Climo’s photographs, a silent but tangible measurement of the sonorous depth of the things time and chance offer us.”

                                                          Sounding Things: Photographs by Ellen Climo

                                                                   Exhibition Dates: June 2 – 24, 2017
                                              Opening Reception – Friday, June 2nd, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

                                                                    Chroma Gallery, York Place
                                                    112 West Main St. Suite 10, Charlottesville, VA


    Bill Moretz, from Urban Treasures in the PCA Gallery

    “In these photographs, Bill Moritz brings out themes he has personally been exploring for years, the subtle and transitory beauty he encounters daily. Not concerned with the description of objects, he rather pursues ‘his interest in form, design, and light, placing elements in a dialogue between the past and the present and between the observed and unobserved.’ Using a 35mm camera with slide film led to the innovating use of light and color and the resulting images are perfectly harmonized to give visual expression to his personal concepts of the simple gifts found in unexpected places, says McLeod.”



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