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                                Embodying a New Narrative

                                               A Visual Dialogue between June Collmer & Aidyn Mills


    Opening Reception Friday, October 5th, 5:00 – 7:00

    Exhibition continues through Saturday, October 27th

    Chroma Gallery, 103 W. Water Street, Charlottesville, VA

    Embodying a New Narrative

    With my body, I articulate an understanding of self, and compose a new narrative. Through movement and a positionality that reflect my personal intention, passion, strength and wisdom, I reconfigure the story of my place in this world. My body no longer lies prostrate on a hotel bed, yielding to the repeated violations of another man. My body no longer asks for permission to step forward or back. My body no longer is just a body.
    It is a letter. It is a word, a new line in a provocative poem. It is a clear image, a gentle landscape, defiant architecture. It is patience, it is song, it is motherhood. It conveys, asserts and re-imagines itself in its own articulate ways. And, it explores and composes with others.

    A photographer who listens and observes, and responds with her own eye and craft, June Collmer captures history in clasped hands, grace in arched backs, and individuality in movement. Through an unspoken exchange of gesture, attention and experience, she and I explore the space between us, and expand boundaries that exist only in the mind.

    Through our dialogue, art unfolds.

    Aidyn Mills

    Gallery hours are from 1:00 until 5:00, Thursday – Saturday

    434 806-9667 / artlab@chromaprojects.com







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