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      Elizabeth Howard

      J.M.Henry, Orion Ridge, 14×16″

                                     J.M. Henry: The Land Between

      recent paintings

      Please join us this upcoming First Friday
      November 5th
      from 5:00 – 7:00 PM

      on the intrusions, margins and reciprocities
      between atmosphere and earth.

      Located on the main floor of Vault Virginia
      Chroma is open for viewing weekdays from 9:00 – 4:00

      Please contact Deborah McLeod
      for inquiries or a private appointment to view the work through artlab@chromaprojects.com.

      J.M. Henry’s paintings incline towards landscape vistas without necessarily portraying landscape. Most landscape is engaged in articulated planes, capturing the experience and the details of the scenery being expressed. Henry focuses primarily on the floating horizons and indefinite margins; the penumbra of form and atmosphere that light and color reveal, reflect, or contrast through shadow, rather more than any specific place. They may be akin to awakening from a dream with just the vaguest, haunting sense of where you were.

      Henry practices a painting technique that he calls “interference”. Building up and wiping down his surfaces with thin layers of pigment that influence the subsequent layers, he creates nuances and resonances that shift as ambient light touches them, and the viewer slowly takes them in. The margins around the artist’s twilit forms usually radiate with evidences of some of the vivid colors he has used to arrive at the final determination. Often they are surprisingly garish and playful, inspired by nail polish choices. and nature’s more dramatic and fugitive moments.

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