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                                                 Sacred & Profane

    Paintings on flooring
    Leigh Anne Chambers

                                                Opening Reception Friday, March 2nd 5:00 – 7:00 PM

    Chroma Gallery exhibition continues through Saturday, March 31st

                                    This is your fairytale    

     “There is a long tradition of identifying sacred significance with the ground, or on man made protection from the ground. Persian rugs were originally devised to create such a barrier – as an instantaneous and unsullied site for worship. Intricately patterned to propose the order of creation, or occasionally designed as a two-dimensional mosque shape, or a Tree of Life, these forms indicated in the rug, suggested that what is on the floor is a transformational surrogate for that which exists in the dimensional and external planes.

    In Western practices, elaborate cathedral floor design was executed in marquetry and tile. Sometimes referred to as Pilgrims’ Pavement, these designs were intended to lead the seeker along their journey to revelation, often with medallion starbursts along the way to nudge out awareness.

    Worshipers of the Earth drew lines in the soil or placed natural objects in great and small patterns to acknowledge ley lines, solar alignments and other such potent ritual sites.

    In our modern world we tend to overlook the meanings of what we stand on, even when the material was originally created for significant meaning. Contemporary flooring is a practical matter for most of us, or at best, a decorative one.

    Leigh Anne Chambers work is about salvaging the materials beneath our feet. Using cast off vinyl flooring and carpeting, Chambers’ sculptural paintings reinterpret the mundane planes we travel over every day, re-purposing these items and reconsidering them as a source of inspiration. It is no coincidence that salvage and salvation are close kins, etymologically.

    In Chambers’ paintings the patterns and textures from the original materials are background, peeping through her highly creative, visionary environments. The result is a dynamic eruption of fluid planes as Chambers continually reinvents emotional and/or mystical experiences, planet formations, cellular collisions, the consequences in heroic fables, imaginary states of being, and a host of other phenomena that may indicate if not precisely the zeal of faith, a salve in the suspension of disbelief.” Deborah McLeod, Director, Chroma Gallery

     Chroma Gallery, 103 W. Water Street

    March gallery hours 1:00 – 5:00, Thursday – Saturday

    by appointment 434 806-9667 / artlab@chromaprojects.com

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