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      Elizabeth Howard


              McGuffey Art Center – September  Exhibitions

                  First Friday: September 1st, 5:30-7:30 PM


      Smith Gallery: Frank Shepard
      PIne Resin Sculpture


      “My art is the resinous remains of fallen and decayed pine trees that have been transformed into unique sculptures. My intent is to expose the uniqueness of ‘never before seen’ resins that have been partially buried on the earth’s floors for decades.

      “Using my expertise in understanding the intricacies of the often chaotic paths and amber hues, I am able to create a piece that exemplifies nature’s hidden beauty.

      “Once selected, the process of turning them into unique pieces of art is meticulous and challenging, requiring multiple steps involving hand-carving tools, steel wool, and several coats of wax to reveal their natural beauty. Bringing these decayed pine resin fragments to life is like a spiritual awakening that has been gifted to me by Mother Nature.”

      Frank Shepard is a retired engineer living in Albemarle County. After receiving his BCE and MCE from the University of Virginia, Frank spent 26 years as a research engineer before owning and operating a tent and event company in addition to designing and building custom homes. His journey as a pine resin sculptor began in 2016 and continues to this day.

      First Floor North Hallway Gallery


      Jill Kertulla
      Textures: Hard and Soft

      Jill Kerttula’s show, “Soft and Hard”, is an exuberant expression of texture with both hard and soft surfaces. Layers of thread and fabric transform the otherwise smooth surface of photography, and her ceramics reflect the softness of clay that is hardened by the kiln. 

      “My life has been one of a professional artist; a graphic designer; an art educator, a painter; a printmaker; and a fiber artist. Recently I have added ceramics to my repertoire. No matter what my medium, texture has been paramount in my work. “Hard and Soft” is a show of these textual expressions of abstract and figurative subject matter. 

      The fiber art I have been doing for years explores texture through the use of thread, fabric, yarn, and other fibers. My original photography is the basis for most of the works, but the weaving, stitching, and layering of fibrous materials add a textural depth not present in photography alone. 

      With ceramics, I also express my love of textures, but by using hard surfaces. Embossed surfaces, woven or layer clays, and various techniques both echo and expand my previous expressions of texture. Many of these ceramics, and some of the fiber works, explore the surfaces and textures of the sand and seaside.”


      First Floor South Hallway Gallery

      Karen Rexrode + Michael Firkaly


      [caption id="attachment_36607" align="aligncenter" width="474"] Through the Meadow[/caption]

      Karen Rexrode – Assemblage

      Lighthearted, fantastical, and sometimes silly, this is a show of 3D art that has been carefully built and then painted to bring a smile to your face. A rabbit, whale, magic wands, elephants, and so much more, welcome to the land of whimsy.

      “I have spent a long life with one foot in the creative pool, the other in horticulture with a deep love of plants. My twists and turns in art have happily led me to Assemblage (described as 3D Collage by some) and I have remained here for the past fifteen years, literally assembling bits into loosely themed pieces of art. Components are joined together in many ways; clay, screw, glue, and magnets. Once secured, the painting begins with layers of washy paints, often upwards of twenty applications. The final stages are completed with a very tiny brush – all to further enhance the 3D effect. Centered on a whimsical foundation, a few swing to the silly side, others bump into dark corners. The bottom line is it’s a joining of objects that may or may not belong together but find common ground in their rebirth. “

      [caption id="attachment_36608" align="aligncenter" width="474"] Owlches, painted wood[/caption]

      Michael Firkaly: Sculptures in different media, watercolor collages, and paintings

      “A fantasmo selection of sculpture in various mediums, as well as paintings, and W.C. collages that my mind has forced me to gladly create.

      “I create in happiness. My head, heart, and hands have done the work. What do you see and what does it mean? That’s up to your heart and brain.”



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