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      Elizabeth Howard


      Quirk Gallery, Charlottesville

      First Friday, February 2, 5-7 p.m.

      Pathways to Understanding, textile installation, 15 x 10 ft.



      This current body of work is an interplay of line, form and texture that is intuitive, immediate, dynamic, enlivened, gestural and bold where each medium—whether paint, clay or textile—presented a creative challenge to my imagination. A prominent piece on display, a 15 x 10-foot monochromatic textile titled Pathways to Understanding, could be considered a three-dimensional expression of the playful exploration and moments of convergence that are present in the intensely colorful paintings in the exhibit. Echoes of this same whimsical language can be found in the smaller ceramic panels, a seemingly opposing material to the textile. In some of the work, still life elements appear and recede in dialogue with pure abstraction. A unifying way to view this collection is through the lens of collage and its properties: layering and overlapping, an intersection of line and form, the addition and  subtraction of tangible material, patterning and repetition, an interaction with what came before and what comes after, in other words, an engagement with the history of the making, and the role of chance and discovery—together, these are the catalysts and the raison d’être of my work.

      Frankie Slaughter is a mixed media artist who works with a variety of materials including paint, encaustic, textile, paper, and porcelain. Frankie’s art has been featured in numerous publications, in addition to being acquired for private and corporate collections, and has been shown at galleries, juried venues, and boutiques throughout the country and in Asia.

      She is a Virginia native, and since 2010, after nearly twelve years living in Hong Kong, she now works and resides in Richmond, Virginia. Her experiences abroad continue to influence her work today.

      Named one of “Richmond Style Weekly’s 2015 Women in the Arts Honoree,” Frankie has served as a juror and advisor for a number of community events and has participated as a mentor and visiting instructor for various universities, local schools, and non-profit organizations. Her decades-long career also included designing one-of-a-kind jackets and accessories, and she continues to design unique and eclectic necklaces, which can be found at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

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