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      Elizabeth Howard

      Maryanna Williams

      Sarah B. Smith Gallery
      September 2 – October 2, 2022

      Maryanna Williams, Vessel Eight, reduction linocut

       Maryanna Williams imagery comes from being immersed in nature and art history, and an interest in creating a dialogue between simple forms and intricate patterns. She explore diverse subjects – such as moths, antique robes, and antique vessels – each chosen for its inherent beauty, delicate patterning, and vibrant hues. Close up and filling the picture plane, the images shift between realism and abstraction, at times dissolving into facets of color and marks vibrating across surfaces.

      For two decades, Williams has been making reduction linocuts. Using a single piece of linoleum she creates multi-colored images by sequentially carving and layering colors. I print by hand onto rice papers with beautiful textures and fibers that are integrated into the works. This printmaking method is unforgiving, demanding that she balance chance with control to save the image. There is an energy that comes from these continual adjustments, often taking the piece far from the original plan. In this way, the image is always in a state of becoming until the final color is laid to paper.

      In her work Williams transforms subjects from nature and art into images that express her deep passion for the intense beauty she sees in the world.

      There is another world, but it is inside this one.


      First Floor Gallery
      September 2 – October 2, 2022

      Anuja Jaitly, Blessings, Mixed Media

      There is another world, but it is in inside this one, an exhibition with artists Anuja Jaitley and Jennifer Billingsly, presents recent mixed media works. These works use fiber, reclaimed objects, and paper and seek to illuminate the stories just under the surface of the everyday objects around us.

      Anuja Jaitly: My current collection, “Heirloom,” is inspired by the beauty and profundity of what passes from generation to generation, be they stories, artifacts or dreams. While each piece anchors in a single heirloom object, the added use of fiber and mixed media inspires us to see these everyday objects in a new light and imagine the stories of their past. I am in awe of how these objects were used and the little moments and countless memories stored inside of them. To me, as we look closer, we see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

      Jennifer Billingsly, The Secret, Mixed Media

      Jennifer Billingsly: For this series of work, I’ve primarily used the cyanotype process to create layers of paper and cloth. The imagery in these works invites the viewer to imagine the stories and the unraveling memories that are just visible when we take the time to look a little closer.



      Associate Gallery
      September 2 – October 2, 2022

      Mary Jane Check, Chit Chat, oil on panel

      Mary Jane refers to her work as contemporary whimsy. Her paintings incorporate animals alongside food and everyday objects. Colorful wallpaper backgrounds add to the liveliness and complexity of the compositions. They intend to be approachable and full of joy.

      REFLECTIONS: From the Physical to the Metaphysical


      Second Floor Gallery
      September 2 – October 2, 2022

      Lee Alter, Reflections, watercolor

      A mirror image, a reflection in the water,  a thought about the world around you, a glimpse into your soul. Every piece we make Is a reflection, a consideration, of the life that we live.

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