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    A Case of Spiriting by T. J. Masluk “To Live Until . . . ” Many know the rest of the title: “We Say Good-Bye.” It is from Kübler-Ross’s well-known book about terminal patients, […]

  • A Very Small Adventure by Susan Shafarzek Many, oh, many, many, years ago, a friend and I took a plane trip to Minneapolis, Minn. It was not a first flight, but it was a first time west for […]

  • Dear Portland: a Love Letter to My Childhood Sweetheart by Melissent Zuwalt We first met holding hands at the outdoor Saturday market, vendors selling tie-dyed tee shirts and us eating foods that seemed exotic to me, like […]

  • Culture Shock by Rachel Lutwick-Deaner Fifteen years ago, I knew that moving to the Midwest would be a kind of culture shock. I knew it because I googled “Regional Food of Michigan” and the […]

  • I reach for a glass jar of sweet gherkins and notice the same unfamiliar woman is following me down another aisle in the grocery store.

    I wonder if it is a coincidence. My gut tells me otherwise.

    The […]

  • At recess, I was talking to a friend on the schoolyard, when a kid came up to us and said that President Kennedy had been shot. He did not say he had died. He just said he had been shot.
    I turned to my friend, […]

  • My flight is booked. I’ll be with you at the hospital, and I’ll stay for your recovery when your kids go back to work. It’s been just a few days—plenty of time for the doctors to figure things out. We’ve been talk […]

  • These searched for their family records, but could not find them and so were excluded from the priesthood as unclean.
    Ezra 2:62
    I can’t tell you exactly what percent of my waking hours is spent looking for t […]

  • I would describe what I witnessed that day as a meeting of the mundane and the spiritual. I was a young man living in Boston, Mass., in the late 1970s, when I saw something that made an indelible impression on me. […]

  • To the new family I sent a letter about the house and our memories of living there for forty-five years.

    I did tell them lots of information about the house that they needed to know. I gave advice about things […]

  • All along the coastline of Japan, hundreds of tall stone tablets stand as warnings about the possibility of natural disasters. Many date back to the 1880s, when two deadly tsunamis battered the coast and […]

  • Succor by Brett Ann Stanciu When the pandemic first shut down our world in the spring of 2020, my fifteen-year-old daughter and I were at home, every day, all day. I had been a […]

  • Growing up in a small rural town, I felt a strong sense of family, community, and safety.

    We had farmers’ markets, county fairs with greased pigs, hayrides, pie eating contest, cake walks, musical chairs, b […]

  • Jeff Ventura has earned an Honorable Mention in Streetlight’s 2022 Essay/Memoir Contest
    The love of a husband for a wife, of my father’s love for my mother, is scattered in my memory like peach blossoms after a […]

  • Susan Valas is the 3rd place winner of Streetlight’s 2022 Essay/Memoir Contest
    It’s a drizzly-gray day in the spring of 1966. I stroll out the back door and climb into my dad’s Thunderbird with minutes to spa […]

  • Was I crazy to want to attend two different public events on a single hot summer’s day? Maybe, but after two years of the Covid pandemic, there were a couple of Fourth of July events I really wanted to a […]

  • Catherine Pritchard Childress is the 2nd place winner of Streetlight’s 2022 Essay/Memoir Contest
    Offering food as a form of comfort for those in mourning is as much a part of my Appalachian upbringing as Vacation […]

  • Who Killed the Video Star by Betty Wilkins Betty Wilkins is the 1st place winner of Streetlight’s 2022 Essay/Memoir Contest Rewind. By September 2002, I had been out of college for nine […]

  • I spent a month in Europe in 1998, doing research for a novel I was planning to write (and still plan to finish). The trip brings back memories, some delightful and others regretful. Often, both had to do with […]

  • Whenever I say that my extended family camps together in the summer—living in tents, cooking over the fire, and bathing in the river—someone will ask, “And you all get along? For a whole week?”

    Sure, I say. […]

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