A Clean-Swept Room by Raennah Mitchell


For days after her mother’s death, while adults move around her making funeral and guardianship arrangements, Sarah stands by walls. Her six-year-old fingertips search the wallpaper in the day care where they have placed her. Peach-colored blossoms overlay faint gray stripes. She turns away and leans against them. Across the room, other children color, drive toy trucks through a box of rice, dress in capes and felt hats. Sarah rolls her head from side to side, imagining she can fall backward into her mother’s arms, the paper flowers closing over them. The squat woman who … Continue reading A Clean-Swept Room by Raennah Mitchell

Past Issues


Issue no. 37, Spring 2021 Streetlight‘s 2020 Poetry Contest: 1st Susan Muse, 2nd Charlotte Rea, 3rd Wendy Jean MacLean, Honorable Mention Derek Kannemeyer, Honorable Mention Erik Wilbur, Honorable Mention Susan Muse, Honorable Mention Ion Corcose, Honorable Mention Gary Beaumier, Honorable Mention Patricia Hemminger Poetry: Emily Bornstein, Virginia Watts, Michele Riedel, Priscilla Melchior, Michael Milligan, Khaled K.E.M., Trish Annese Fiction: Rigel Oliveri, Andrea Lynn Koohi Essay/Memoir: E.H. Jacobs, Celia Meade, Philip Newman Lawton, Vicky Oliver Art: David Summers Podcast: The Murmuration Issue no. 36, Winter 2021 Poetry: Pui Ying Wong, Esme Devault, Diana Pinckney, Ann Webster, … Continue reading Past Issues