No Matter What by Tracey Levine


On the day I found out that I was pregnant I went to a bar and drank heavily with my boyfriend. It was early afternoon and I had a spicy bloody Mary and followed it up with a few craft beers. He drank the same. We stretched our arms across the table and held hands, like newlyweds. The word shot-gun came up. We certainly weren’t getting married, not that we never would. We’d decided before my pregnancy test appointment at the clinic — I didn’t want to pee on a store-bought stick, that we weren’t … Continue reading No Matter What by Tracey Levine

A Clean-Swept Room by Raennah Mitchell


For days after her mother’s death, while adults move around her making funeral and guardianship arrangements, Sarah stands by walls. Her six-year-old fingertips search the wallpaper in the day care where they have placed her. Peach-colored blossoms overlay faint gray stripes. She turns away and leans against them. Across the room, other children color, drive toy trucks through a box of rice, dress in capes and felt hats. Sarah rolls her head from side to side, imagining she can fall backward into her mother’s arms, the paper flowers closing over them. The squat woman who … Continue reading A Clean-Swept Room by Raennah Mitchell

Past Issues


Issue no. 48, Winter 2024 Fiction: Lydia Gwyn, Ellen Weeren, Travis Flatt, Michael Paul Hogan, Marijean Oldham Poetry: Carlene M. Gadapee, Joseph Kleponis, Claire Scott, J. R. Solonche, Molly O’Dell, Rebecca Leet, Karl Sherlock, Joseph Mills, B. Luke Wilson, Marianne Worthington Essay/Memoir: Connie Clark, Harry Lee James, Nancy Halgren Art: Aaron Farrington Issue no. 47b, December 2023 Fiction: E. K. Riley Poetry: Adam Day, Brian Brennan, Eliot Wilson, Elizabeth Mercurio Essay/Memoir: Charlotte Matthews Issue no. 47, Fall 2023 Streetlight‘s 2023 Fiction Contest: 1st P. W. Bridgman, 2nd Sheri Reynolds, 3rd Jo Riglar Streetlight‘s 2023 Essay/Memoir … Continue reading Past Issues