As Briefly as Salmon by Wulf Losee

As Briefly as Salmon


clouds part
we drive on rain-slicks of light

cars before us
trailing little rainbows

in tire sprays
fountains from the road

up the shoreline
under the shadow of rain

we release the sun
from our sight

that our bodies
can trap and hold that light

for the flesh of an instant
as briefly as salmon

that leap fully into the air
we hang for a moment on arcs

water falling
trails of quicksilver

immortal for a moment
the vision’s released

Wulf Losee
Wulf Losee lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. The two cats who allow Wulf to live with them are also his severest critics. Writing poetry detracts from playtime, petting time, and from feeding them treats—and they regularly show their contempt for his muse by walking nimble-footed across his keyboard.

Featured image: Tiny Rainbow Spectrum II by Toshihiro Oimatsu. CC license.

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