Nightfall and Infra Dig, 2 poems by Todd Copeland


There are stories
no one knows.
High summer.

The sound of tree frogs
from all quarters.


Infra Dig

You know how when the sky
goes to hell in the west
there’s inevitably a black dot

of a bird moving slowly,
often left to right, and you admit,
although you know it’s

something that shouldn’t
be said, considering God granted
us dominion, that, despite

being small, such a bird
possibly matters more
to the world than yourself?

Todd Copeland
Todd Copeland’s poems have appeared in The Journal, High Plains Literary Review, Southern Poetry Review, The Wallace Stevens Journal, The Antigonish Review, Sewanee Theological Review, and The Texas Observer, among other publications, and he was the recipient of descant’s Baskerville Publishers Poetry Award in 2018. He lives in Waco, Texas.

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