Crossroads by Ron Wallace

I try to find beauty
………in the autumn night.
Your stars, your moon,
they’re still right there where you left them
………But without you
they seem merely splinters of glass
soon to be swept into winter.

Every October
I watch a three quarter moon
……….white as polished bone,
rise among the awakening stars
in a charcoal sky
……….above the crossroads
where Hecate is leading ghosts
into the light.

I close my eyes and see
you walking
……….out of Plutonian darkness
into the fragile magic of Oklahoma
river mist,
a quarter century spinning behind my lids
……… a carousel horse
unable to break free from all the days
without you in them.

Ron Wallace is currently an adjunct instructor of English at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, in Durant, Oklahoma, and is the author of nine books of poetry. “Renegade and Other Poems” was the 2018 winnerof the Oklahoma Book Award, and his latest work, “The Last Blue Sky” is a current finalist in the 2019 Oklahoma Book Awards. A Pushcart nominee, Wallace has recently been published in Oklahoma Today, San Pedro River Review, Red River Review, Concho River Review, Oklahoma Humanities Magazine,and a number of other magazines and journals.

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