Nightcap by Barry Roth

The struggle with what they call the mind
opens new fronts. Migration, which should drop
new birds into my garden,
has not yet started, and the residents
have made themselves scarce this year.
I’m close to giving up my resistance
to deity, and to the admission
that solitude in age is not
the greatest refuge after all.
Hanging the hummingbird feeder
is a variant of my nightly trek to the corner
for the comfort of a sundowner.

Barry Roth
Barry Roth is a writer, editor, and biologist living in San Francisco, California; his biology practice focuses on the lives and identities of the snails and slugs of North America. He earned a master’s degree in creative writing at San Francisco State University. His creative work has been published in Sequoia, The West Marin Review, Catamaran Literary Reader, and elsewhere, and anthologized in Under Thirty.

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