All the Things We Do Not See by Megan Atthowe

empty beach, a dog, a few people
Miles of Emptiness by Chris Fort. CC license.


I wondered what it could mean
that on my first view of the ocean
a dog lay dead in the surf. Bloated
and caught on the sand, its black
body swelled gently in the come here
of waves, its hair an aura around it.
No one stirred. Sipping drinks, laughing
as though it wasn’t right here, catching
the breakers, walking the beach. Why
don’t they drag it away? Does nobody
see it but me? The tall lap swimmer
proclaims at dinner: I saw the dead dog
float out to sea. Relieved for us all,
the only one worried, I nod and think:

Megan Atthowe lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where she explores the curiosities of nature and everyday life through her writing. When not studiously watching the world, she enjoys hiking, cooking, meditation, and creative projects of all kinds.

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