A Turn by Carol Hamilton

Photo of bird on wire fence
Photo by Suzanne D Williams on Unsplash
There is a perfection
to the mockingbird’s song
dropped from a black wire,
to the white slashes
of his spread tail feathers
against this deep, clean blue.
The choral repertoire
of his hopes is chanted
,,,,over and over
.,,,,and over and over and over
,,…..,,and over
through the night
,on and on,
a desperation
,,,,…sharp edges finely stropped
,,…..,,to rip open
,…….,,,even the loveliest sigh.

Carol Hamilton
Carol Hamilton’s poetry appears in Louisiana Literature, Southwest American Literature, San Pedro River Review, Dryland, Pinyon, Adirondack Review, Commonweal, Broad River Review, Fire Poetry Review, Gingerbread House, Main Street Rag, and Free Lunch. She has publish seventeen books: children’s novels, legends and poetry. She is a former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma.

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