Markings by Donna Isaac

Photo of group of ducks on water
Photo by Robert Gramner on Unsplash
Duck prints score the pond,
the one out my window,
the one where an egret
roosts come spring,
the one where a blue heron
fishes in summer,
the one where nuthatches
sip drips on the shoreline.
It is still winter.
I don’t know tomorrow
except for penciled-in plans,
scrimshaw on a calendar.
I don’t know the future
but for forked feet.

Donna Isaac
Donna Isaac is a teaching artist who organizes community readings in the Twin Cities, Minn.; she curates and hosts the reading series, Literary Lights. Published poetry includes Footfalls (Pocahontas Press), a paean to growing up in the Appalachians; three chapbooks: Tommy (Red Dragonfly Press), Holy Comforter (Red Bird Chapbooks), and Persistence of Vision (Finishing Line Press); and work in literary journals such as The Tishman Review, The Saint Paul Almanac, and The Penn Review. Find more of her work at

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