Afternoon Shower by Benjamin Nash

Photo looking up through clear umbrella
Photo by Freddie Marriage on Unsplash

It was a shower and gone
quickly. The sky was
only gray a short time.
It reminded me of a gray
fox that I spotted in the
city when I went to buy
two pizza slices, the
unseen people that pass
by us, ghosts that we
think that we see out of
the corner of our eye,
lightning that we are
not sure if we saw or not,
or a rat late at night on
a lonely street bolting to
the drain opening. It
may be me one day if I
decide not to go on.
I will be like this strange
old yellow Winnebago
that I often see in parking
lots, streets, trying to
make it in a difficult time,
moving always, caught
between the good, the
bad, looking for a home,
the sunshine, unsure
about where I am going,
looking for a better
place than what we have
here, the rain as light
as a cat running silently by me.

Benjamin Nash
Benjamin Nash has had poems accepted in VOLT, RHINO, Pembroke Magazine, Louisiana Literature, and other publications.

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