Dear Mi-Kwon by Elizabeth Nowak

Elizabeth Nowak has earned an Honorable Mention in Streetlight’s 2021 Poetry Contest
Photo of red house on top of hill
Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash
Dear Mi-Kwon
Before the whole world went mad,
you wrote to ask about my life
in beautiful America. I could not then describe in words
we both know how gray the sky is.
There is little these days
except skinny arms
passing money and brown bags through a hole in the wall
of the Big Red Liquor store. I’ve grown sick
watching it and the chitter of birds
outside my window. I am thinking often of that day in spring
when you took me to your hometown,
where every house was small
and made of wood
and stone
and paper.
If I could only write you now, I would say
my life is the size of your house.
My sky is the patchy white of old plaster.

My grass, pile carpet on hardwood.

Elizabeth Nowak
Elizabeth Nowak is a preservation planner by trade and a poet by night, the past inspiring her work in both disciplines. She lives in Virginia Beach with her two dogs and husband, Ian. Her work has been included in Tales from Six Feet Apart, an anthology published by iO Literary Magazine.

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