What Claims Us by Diana Pinckney

Is it the nature of desire or
the desire of nature to reveal
how little we have evolved.

Is it the few words of a person or
a person of few words who
commands our attention.

Is it the history of violence or
the violence of history that stirs
our passion.

Is it the loss of sadness or
the sadness of loss that wakes
the suddenness of joy.

Is it the surprise of a gift or
the gift of surprise that creates

Is it the loneness of a flower or
the flower of aloneness that opens
the body.

Is it the beauty of art or
the art of beauty that claims
us after turning away.

shadows and light on cornered wall
Edward Hopper, Sunlight in an Empty Room by Art is a Word. CC license.

Diana Pinckney
Diana Pinckney is the winner of the 2010 Ekphrasis Prize, Atlanta Review’s 2012 International Poetry Prize and Prime Number Magazine’s 2018 Poetry Prize. Author of six poetry books, Pinckney’s latest book, Hummingbirds & Wine, was published April of 2022.

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