Sweet Dreams by Harsh Ramchandani

Colors behind your eyes
A slow pastel dusting
Forming speckled images
Of a distant ocean roar
Your pillow listens in

To the lawless deep blue
That can sometimes churn
Waves in your stomach
Taking you back to a time
When you were young

Where you can be innocent
Once again in a place
Far from the world of sin
That pushes against
The coastline of your body

foggy coastline
Beverly Beach, Oregon by Bonnie Moreland. CC license.

Harsh Ramchandani
Harsh Ramchandani is a Hong Kong based writer whose work can be found in various online and print publications. Though primarily a writer of poetry, he is also involved in the visual arts and enjoys experimenting with different mediums. You can find out more about him and his work at www.harshchan.com.

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