and yet the moon by Nimisha Mondal

Art by Susan Patrick (

your father is dying on the other side of the world
and yet, the moon shines into our bedroom

my mother has broken her ankle and can’t walk the stairs
and yet, the moon dances between clouds

our daughter, plagued by night terrors, sweats in the sheets between us
and yet, the moon fills our room with brightness

our neighbor’s mosque was vandalized, dirty messages on the walls
and yet, the moon glows over both vandals and vandalized tonight

storms rage over violent seas, and fires burn across our hearts
and yet, the moon holds her place, steady in the night

Nimisha Mondal
Nimisha Mondal is an Indian American poet, writer, and stage performer. In 2022 she appeared in a Pratidwhani theatre production with her monologue, “Questions for my Grandmother.” Her poetry has previously been published in the e-zine Courageous Creativity. Based in the Pacific Northwest, she works by day to advance educational equity for all.

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