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Library or Museum by Judy Longley

People standing before wall full of stained glass

Choosing between life in a library or a museum—either choice seems disloyal to the other. As a poet I revel in language. I splash in sacred waters, words swirl around me like schools of fish in streams of inspiration. Well sometimes not. Some days I sit on the bank and wait for a nibble, slapping mosquitoes away. But I have a mute twin who finds refuge in silence, wordless descriptions, emotional constructs revealed in color contrasts, brush marks. A spiritual response to the visual, the intimate sheen of light on stone carved centuries ago, the … Continue reading Library or Museum by Judy Longley

Juliet Da Luiso’s Mute Twin


Juliet Da Luiso, also known as Judy Longley when writing poems, studies abstract oil painting with Jean Sampson at Macguffey Art Center.   Juliet talks about her painting: “Poetry has consumed my life.  Rising like a tide from my unconscious, I’ve felt near drowning in words. Now I’ve discovered a mute twin who revels in silence, allows the kinetic relationship between brush and canvas to release joy, curiosity, an inner sea of intense color splashing like waves upon the shores of reality.”   Her paintings can be seen the month of July at Milli Joe’s, 400 Preston Avenue. … Continue reading Juliet Da Luiso’s Mute Twin