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Idea or Memory by Ann E. Michael

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National Poetry Month Daily Blog with Poem Revising a draft, for me, means returning to the poem from several perspectives. I might change the speaker from first person to second or third person, or change the poem so that there is not a clear speaker at all–no longer “lyric.” I may alter specifics, such as place names or seasonal references. Or fictionalize with invented crises, persons, time periods, or events. Take on a persona, for example. Add or delete dialogue. These are interpretive and point-of-view considerations: How can I broaden the poem’s reach? I might … Continue reading Idea or Memory by Ann E. Michael

What You Don’t See


[frame align=”right”][/frame]In 2006, Farrar Straus and Giroux published Edgar Allan Poe and the Jukebox, a medley of previously uncollected work by Elizabeth Bishop (edited by Alice Quinn, poetry editor of The New Yorker and executive director of the Poetry Society of America). Running to over three hundred pages, it’s a bigger book than any book of poetry Bishop published in her lifetime and includes all sorts of things: juvenilia, scraps of unfinished poetry, and prose pieces of many kinds, in varying degrees of completion. “For those who love Elizabeth Bishop, “ said John Ashbery (perhaps … Continue reading What You Don’t See

Of Solecisms & Video Games


[frame align=”right”][/frame]There probably isn’t very much overlap between those who follow current events in the world of video games and the literature enthusiasts who would frequent this blog, so I’ll try to go over the basics quickly: there is a great storm of controversy currently roaring through the world of electronic gaming! When the third and final entry in the Mass Effect series was released in March, it was the object of great critical acclaim and much player mockery. The gamers’ derision stems from its ending, which many found underwhelming, inconclusive, and inexplicable. I bring … Continue reading Of Solecisms & Video Games