Art by Robert Bricker

vase with winged women
Aspiration, porcelain with black slit, 5.5″ x 3.5″


“The ceramic vase is 5 years young, a complete improvisation, based on the seed crystal of a female model saying that this session was her last, that she would be flying away. Thus I drew the flying female figure thema. This vase is from an exhibition called Deep In Shallow Thoughts.


drawing of an artist and man with sinking boat
Buckets Ignobilus, pencil on paper


The Bucketus Ignobilus is from an exhibition last autumn called Long Winded Short Stories, and the drawing is to be a plate in an upcoming book of drawings. The image is a double self-portrait actually lifted from the back side of Aspiration vase, so it is not an improvisation, but rather a premeditated artwork. In both works, please note that NO LINE TOUCHES ANOTHER. This is something I realized from years of staring at various schools of Asian 2-D arts.”


Robert Bricker received his BFA in sculptor from the Philadelphia College of Art in 1982. He is the owner and founder of the Bronze Craft Foundry for Sculpture in Waynesboro, VA. Bricker’s work includes the life-size portrait of the Honorable Nina Peace, Central Plaza, Ashland, VA., the full-figure portrait of athlete John Wareing on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, and the Hurricane Camille Memorial Bas Reliefs in Nelson County, VA. Bricker’s numerous portrait busts and bronze casting commissions include editions of bronze sculptures by Cy Twombly and the full figure Abraham Lincoln monument for Lincoln Memorial University. The Art of Robert Bricker recently showed at CHROMA Projects in Charlottesville.


Visit to see more of Robert Bricker’s work.


–Elizabeth Howard, Art Editor

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