Art by John Grant

morning glory with lentils
Morning Glory, Lentils, 2006


red and white tulip on black background
Dripping Tulip, 2007


moon flower blossom over dark lake
Moon Flower Rising, 2008


beetle carapace with wildflowers
Samurai Summer, 2008


“In my photographic work I seek to distill and dramatize natural elements, transforming them into symbolic metaphor. I embrace the often clichéd or sentimental botanical portrayal, presenting objects in ways that infuse them with an enigmatic quality that expands expectations and tweaks the imagination. In my career, I’ve now come full circle, back to my original interests and instinctive love of photography. Experimenting with new technological tools and techniques, my work most often focuses on botanical imagery.

My work featured in Streetlight ranges from 2006 to 2012. It reflects my continuing interest in experimental process used to “push” photography into more expressive realms beyond documentation.”

–John Grant


window with pussy willow
Window, 2012


montage of Victorian architechtural elements
Voyage, 2012


John Grant works from his home studio in Charlottesville, VA. He is represented by Getty Images worldwide, and by Kathleen Ewing Gallery in Washington, D.C. Grant’s varied work can be seen at Chroma Gallery in Charlottesville as well as on his website


— Elizabeth Howard, Art Editor

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