Summer Has Come In

day-lillies-orangeNo longer just “cumen in” summer is with us, all reds and greens and gold (did I leave out anything?) Oh yeah, and the latest issue of Streetlight. Soon to appear in these very pages. As it were. We’re all tourists in this world and right now, right in this spot, it’s a good place to be. We hope to prolong our visit. vegetable-garden Oh yeah, and the pond is back. Apparently they weren’t eradicating it, when the fences went up and the earth movers came in, they were just digging it out. We were pretty sad there for a while. Now we feel encouraged again. For the while, of course. Here’s what it looked like when the pond seemed gone. the-pond-is-gone-two And here it is today: pond-summer-14   Hooray! These guys are pretty happy about it too goose-newborns  Happy summer, everyone! patio-flowers-two-summer-14

Susan Shafarzek

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