The Groundhog Has Come and Gone

groundhogWell, it’s over, the most important day of winter, Groundhog Day. And it’s still winter. How come? The groundhog, after being widely noticed, has gone back to sleep, which seems like a really good idea.

Here in Central Virginia, we can’t complain too much. It hasn’t snowed yet. It doesn’t usually snow much. Unless you’ve been pining to go skiing, that’s good news. I haven’t seen any posters or snow-onebumper stickers saying “Pray for Snow,” yet this winter, but I have seen plenty in the past. I have to assume there’s a significant group in favor of it. Not to mention the children in my neighborhood, poised with their sleds at ready. I do sympathize. Well, a little bit.

In fact, I thought it might be nice to revisit some snow scenes from winter past. Not too far past, just last winter, when we did get some snow.

And, of course, it being February, one need not give up hope. We may yet be visited with snow, sleet, freezing rain, all that good stuff. Hailstones, even. Yeah! In the meantime, I wish everybody a belated Groundhog Day — hope you had a great time — and best wishes getting through the next six weeks.

As someone who has never prayed for snow, I have to admit, I’m not praying for freezing rain either. I’m praying for spring, the sooner the better.

Susan Shafarzek


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