Gather Around the Light

Calling all fans of Streetlight and contributors past and present.

If you are a fan of Streetlight or if you have ever had a story, poem, or piece of art published in Streetlight (both print or on-line versions) join Streetlight Lamplighter’s social network and forum and become a lamplighter.

I am a lamplighter.

Lamplighters unite! This call goes out to all artists and writers. When the nice people at SL agreed to let me author this post, they expected a piece exalting the virtues of an art community. They won’t be disappointed. But there is a twist.

cave 23429306029_648e5a1903_zI’m a cave dweller happiest in front of my laptop. Whether, like me, you avert your eyes awkwardly in the company of anyone not named Scrivener or Gesso, or know everyone in Manhattan by name, this goes to you. As long as you can navigate your way to Streetlight Magazine. Come, join us. We flicker separately; together, we will make light.

When God created the Internet, he made sure to start more interest groups, bulletin boards and fora than there are selfie sticks in Times Square. Our tower of Babel, it makes having another’s ear easy. But the heart? Next to impossible.

At the risk of adding to the chaos, we will create another forum. We will call it the Lamplighter. To join, one must arrive at the proper Streetlight Magazine link ready to share enthusiasm, knowledge and good will. We hope to find a common tongue in our shared experiences and continue to grow both in size and the closeness of our bonds. Give it a chance. What have you got to lose?lamplighter 3281459084_62be3c8ce1_z

Sign up to be a Lamplighter.


If you’re wondering what to do after you register, here are some suggestions:

  • Let us know about your website or blog; put a link in your profile description.
  • Tell the Streetlight community if you’ve had your writing or art appear on our website (which issue? title?)
  • Fill out your profile and upload a fun profile pic.
  • Join the Lamplighter group and start a topic in the forum.

Karol Lagodzki left Poland in his late teens and has called the United States home for over two decades. His fascination with the “why” of human behavior led him to study sociology and psychology. He’s a self-taught inventor and has several mechanical and electronic patents. In his writing, he draws heavily on personal experiences and training. He has recently finished a novel about an errant prophet set in ancient Canaan, Anatolia and Egypt, and is at work on a book about the human genome project taken a step too far. You can follow him at

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