losing the word by Sharon Ackerman

losing the word


what is prayer

but our limbic words
to an uncertain

the cave images
given language
from our dark cities.

i remember your prayer
outside memphis
whispered just beyond
my hearing,
lips moving beneath
that crumbling

the veil between us
never thin enough
to reach a hand

your words,
their white dust
dying muffled
against my palm


12 steps in california


he is wary

though the treatment
is close enough

there is a lost
inside of him,

the jagged reach
where his brain
walks in circles
arriving back

beside the whale
who died
from lack of sleep.

he will stay
until the wide fish
expels them all-

friends he once knew
their hips broken
fighting angels
on the sand

poems spilling
their salty brine
from each and every

Sharon Ackerman
Sharon Ackerman earned an M.Ed from the University of Virginia and works as a pain management nurse at UVA. She was one of the winners in the Virginia Poetry Society’s national contest 2014 and is a member of WriterHouse.

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