Impostor by Caleb Coy



I am in the dirt and the dirt is in me
I am the flow of me recently

From the valley insignia clay came I
From the mountain foot crust came I

Am I the son of two righteous souls?
Am I not the path my feet were put on?

A path of mirrors, of arrows lined

Who told me to set foot here?
Who formed my face just so?
I feel my heart say this and that
I see my tracks run about
and I do not know mine from mine

I shudder at what I leave behind.

Caleb Coy
Caleb Coy is a freelance writer living in Christiansburg, VA with his wife and two sons. His poems have previously appeared in The Paragon, Brain of Forgetting, and Contemporary American Voices. He is the author of the novel An Authentic Derivative.

Featured image: Tracktor Tracks in Mud by Christian Guthier. CC license.

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