Beauty in the Grey by Benjamin Chirlin

Beauty in the Grey


I was born without a shadow.
Deftly estranged,
The way moisture collects
In the soot sky.
Relief is temporary
But the stark song of the crow
Shows beauty in the grey.
I saw your reflection
In the concrete.
Cracks as deep
As ocean trenches,
Catacombs as intricate
As arteries.
I heard your voice
Within every pulse.
You are the mercury rain,
A monotone melody
On a tin roof.
I am the rust
Seeping through the pores.
You are the alchemist
Creating gold armor.
I am the rind
Enriching the earth.
You are the rose
Growing out of my casket.

Benjamin Chirlin
Benjamin Chirlin is an amateur writer who is currently serving in the United States Air Force. He has been serving for over 12 years in active duty and is currently stationed in Texas. His work has been featured in The Esthetic Apostle.

Featured image: Cracked Concrete by Sherrie Thai on CC license.

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