The Moon We Landed On by Marco Patitucci

Marco Patitucci is a finalist of Streetlight Magazine’s 2019 Poetry Contest.


We measured small steps
as giant leaps
and never felt sameness,
nameless lunar imposters
dancing over the craters
but the sound didn’t travel.

How tenuous is the tether
to gravity in our story?
Here lies his and hers—
nostalgia in different sizes.

On Earth,
we searched
for our traversing selves
and the moon we landed on,
chasing reflections
of streetlight and headlight,
and porch light.

How did you steal that anti-gravity
and put it in my pocket?
You pushed me with such street-urchin grace;
now I can never stop.

Marco Patitucci
Marco Patitucci is a singer/songwriter living in Northern California; his folk-rock album Lambs to Lions was released in 2014. In 2015, he began exploring other mediums. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram for notice of forthcoming work.

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