Yoghurt with Honey by Ion Corcose

Ion Corcose has earned an Honorable Mention in Streetlight’s 2020 Poetry Contest

When I first gazed upon the world,
eyes like a dragonfly over a field of grass,
I did not see lightning or crows,
or a camel stubborn on its knees.

I did not see a man pluck hair from a rabbit,
rub chilli into the eye of a cow,
burn a monkey with a blowtorch;
telling the truth came later.

I remember learning that the word for truth in Greek,
aletheia, means to reveal the forgotten.
Looking inside, I found Rumi
eating a bowl of yoghurt with honey,

a fishing boat with a crate of ginger,
a slice of homemade orange cake.
We are not who we are; always other.
Eyes seek out islands in the sea;

Rhodes, Lesvos, Kos,
the distance, a shroud; but they are there,
just like the Parthenon, spring
and a snake shedding its skin.

Tree nymphs cannot be seen,
except by children, and wild dogs.
A lemon falls off a tree,
rots to green until it crumbles into itself.

A white egret stands still,
elegant, as it has been for thirty million years;
it waits to snare a fish,
its cloak as soft as a shaded moon.

snow white heron reflection in dark water
White Heron by Barnard Flagg. CC license.

Ion Corcos
Ion Corcos has been published in The High Window, Australian Poetry Journal, Cordite, The Cardiff Review, and other journals. Ion is a nature lover and a supporter of animal rights. He is currently traveling with his partner, Lisa. He is the author of A Spoon of Honey (Flutter Press, 2018).

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