Salt by Les Brown

Photo of salt mounds
Photo by 2ni on Unsplash
What man would not look back
when claiming a celestial voice
commanded him to go away from
pleasures of wine, games of chance,
lust, secular music, dance, art, poetry?
The men who deny life’s gifts and joy,
who kneel and coerce in the name
of one unknown, unseen, beyond
reason or proof, men who control
by unified power and fear deemed
it so that woman should not turn
lest she turn to a pillar of salt.
The greater choice is to turn,
to escape the clutches of piety
and power at any cost, becoming

salt that seasons all it touches.

Les Brown
Les Brown, professor emeritus of biology, has published poetry, art and photography in journals including Kakalak, Avalon, Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel, and Pinesong. Brown, a Pushcart Nominee, lives with his wife and cat in Troutman, N.C.

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