Drawings and Collages by Jack C. Buck


Red Trees, markers and pen, 6 x 8 in., 2021

I wholeheartedly believe in the power and value of art—whatever the avenue. The act of trying is the underlying variable of my art education, from solely writing poetry to putting energy towards visual poetry, drawing and collaging.

More Birds, collage, 7 x 7 in., 2021


My collages are made from cut paper and pen, followed by photographing (digitizing), digitally manipulating and modifying to add more elements.

Mountain Wallpaper, collage, 7 x 7 in., 2021
Amassed, pen and markers, 7 x 7 in., 2021

For art/drawing, my informal education originates from being influenced by creative friends in college. Being in the same space and sharing each other’s creative projects is still motivational. There is power in collective energy.

I’ve recently been inspired to create these samples drawings. They are mainly of mountains, rivers, flowers and the varying light of the sky. Light also generates a lot of my poetry writing, it’s a constant variation of light and shadow in various forms and length.

A Glimpse of Ridgeline, pen and markers, 7 x 7 in., 2021
Flashing Across, markers, 7 x 7 in., 2021


These particular drawings are from photographs I’ve taken, places I’ve visited, and memories accumulated.

I transfer from the photo by sketch to paper. The color choices are elaborated to emphasize the surroundings. My technique follows the source of memory: moment/ scene/place. Sometimes it evolves into a poem. Or they become drawings. These drawings are done quick hand. I like to draw on small sheets; for these I used pen and marker.

This parallels my eye’s preference for short poems and their ability to say a great deal. My creative process reflects back, while recognizing in those special moments, what I desire to hold onto and remember.

Flush in the Sun, pen and markers, 7 x 7 in., 2021
Red and Green, markers, 7 x 7 in., 2021

My drawings are an extension of appreciation, a way to honor the natural world. This is why I also write poetry. Taking the whole of my creative output, 95% of its intention is giving praise to what is worth celebrating—be that people in my life or the natural environment.

I believe art can transform and heal those who feel at a loss. My love of art is another way of saying I love this life.

Jack C. Buck
Jack C. Buck, a resident of Boise, Idaho, is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Library Information Science at the University of North Texas. He is the author of Deer Michigan and Gathering View.

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