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  • The Art of Kathleen Markowitz “I didn’t initially like abstract art,” admits artist Kathleen Markowitz, her vibrant paintings offering bursts of primary colors, suffused sur […]



    The first photo I took, when I was twelve years old, was of treetops. I’ve always loved nature. My subjects over time have not changed—I still take pictures of nature even when I’ve traveled overs […]


    I began photographing at sixteen when I got my first paycheck from the local movie theater to purchase a 35 mm film camera, a Canon EOS Rebel G. The camera then never left my side the rest of high […]


    There are two loves in my life, two passions on which I spend countless hours. On one side the world of science, biology, physiology, cells and smells, counters with a microscope, computers with software […]


    I wholeheartedly believe in the power and value of art—whatever the avenue. The act of trying is the underlying variable of my art education, from solely writing poetry to putting energy towards visual po […]


    Two “aha!” moments have erupted during my career as a fine arts photographer. But rather than lightning bolts from on-high, they arrived as a voice—my voice—exclaiming, “why not!” At each moment, my p […]

  • Conceptual Art by Peter Allen   Having been interested in both visual art and writing/poetry since I was able to pick up a pencil or paint brush, it seemed natural to […]


    My goal in approaching each new painting is to create something both pretty and uncomfortable. The colors and compositions—largely focused on nature—are traditional bubble gum fare that is pleasing to t […]












    Though many photographers have influenced me, the top three are Edward Weston, Richard Misrach, and Joel Meyerowitz. Besides his masterful compositio […]

  • Elizabeth Howard wrote a new post 2 years ago


    My work is inspired by sacred geometry, which is thought to convey sacred and universal truths by reflecting the fractal interconnections of the natural world. By reiterating these ratios, my work […]

  • From an early age I enjoyed drawing, and in later years took up oil painting and etching as well. Eventually I decided to go into art full time, which I have continued to do, putting on paper images that simply […]

  • Lynn Coleman has earned an Honorable Mention in Streetlight’s 2021 Art Contest

    I moved to Southern California in 1962 from central California. The first wildfire I remember was in 1967 and started near […]

  • Robert Schultz is the 1st place winner of Streetlight’s 2021 Art Contest


    Robert Schultz considers himself a fortunate man. A retired Roanoke College English professor, he still follows his daily work […]


    The first place winner of Streetlight’s art contest is Robert Schultz of Salem, Va. Schultz’s work, Specimens of the Plague Year, documents a year in the pandemic with his thoughts, quotes from scho […]



    Splish! Splash! There’s high drama in the clashes of two wine glasses, martini olives swirling, peppermints spinning in the Schnapps! Watermelon, cherries and tomatoes are sprayed fresh and ready to […]


    Art creation is an organic process for me, where inspiration takes the lead and my hands merely follow. The traditional media in my repertoire includes pen, colored pencil, and acrylic paint. I am also […]

  • “Pandemonium: Postcards from the Edge“ asks artists to take an ordinary U.S. Mail postcard and paint, draw or mark it in some way. The resulting missives can focus on the political, societal or public health events that have rocked our collective world since March 2020, or they can highlight an artist’s individual practice in isola…[Read more]

  • Such an evocative and beautiful poem.

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