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The Sink by Eric Odynocki

Photo of woman laying in water

Eric Odynocki is the 2nd place winner of Streetlight‘s 2022 Poetry Contest The Sink glints like a boneyard, white plates peeking over the rim like tusks or femurs with traces of flesh or bolognese. This was not how I imagined adulthood. Standing over a faucet and scrubbing. An uncalled-for bicep exercise. I swear the pots and dishes multiply when I don’t look. Mental note: next home with dishwasher. A must. Until then, each evening wanes into the drain. Slosh, brillo, jenga on the rack. Sometimes, I listen to a playlist, finesse the ring-around of my … Continue reading The Sink by Eric Odynocki

What Do You Feel by Julia Ballerini

People staring at each other in a circle

Julia Ballerini is the 2nd place winner of Streetlight Magazine’s 2019 Short Fiction Contest. I was persuaded, if not coerced, to join a group therapy session. My boss was concerned about my mental well-being. I panic when I have to speak in a setting with more than two other people. I rarely utter a word during meetings unless obliged to give a report or am asked a question. On these occasions, I flush bright red from my face down to my neck and chest. I jumble words. My discomfort is highly visible and audible. It … Continue reading What Do You Feel by Julia Ballerini