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Podcast: The Murmuration by S.W. Gordon

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Streetlight Voices: Short Fiction & Memoir · The Murmuration by S.W. Gordon     Podcast: The Murmuration is story about bad choices. A fictional story performed by Jennifer Sims. Read the story online: The Murmuration by S.W. Gordon Jennifer Sims is an actor and voice over artist who has voiced hundreds of projects across all genres. After attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts she wandered into a career in advertising. She worked as an ad agency producer for ten years before she found her way back to her creative path as an actor/improvisor and … Continue reading Podcast: The Murmuration by S.W. Gordon

The Murmuration by S.W. Gordon

Black and white photo of woman underwater

The day slipped into dusk as the ambient light ebbed imperceptibly like the liminal moment before the tide changes direction. Robin removed her Ray-Bans and stared up at the wide-open heavens above the El Charco Nature Preserve. Nostalgia? Sadness? Triumph? She couldn’t quite identify the emotions flowing through her young veins. In the surrounding sky, thirty thousand bronze cowbirds swirled and swooped in vast, coordinated waves, forming a shifting black cloud. The very air trembled with their beating wings. It had taken a fair amount of convincing to get several of her sorority sisters to … Continue reading The Murmuration by S.W. Gordon