Photography by Bill Emory

alleway between rows of uniform houses


distorted image of dogs in street
Elaine and Rita


“I stumbled off the track to success in 1968, started chasing shadows that summer. Since then, in addition to farm-laborer and newspaper photographer, my occupational incarnations include dishwasher, janitor, retail photo clerk, plumber, HVAC repairman, auto mechanic, CT scan technologist, computer worker and politico (whatever it takes to buy a camera.) I am on the road to understanding black and white photography. Photos are my heart and memory. I live in Charlottesville and Slabtown Virginia (James and Rappahannock watersheds).”

-Bill Emory


doll on subway platform
Path Station


men having shoes shined
Changeless Change


Visit Bill Emory’s website to see more of his work.

— Elizabeth Howard, Art Editor

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