Art by Rosamond Casey

Powers of Ten, 13″ x 33″ acrylic on glass, 1993 from Regions of Will


“Back in the 90’s I fabricated a painting tool, somewhat like a squeegee, that could produce an image that appeared three-dimensional. Uprising and Powers of Ten are two paintings from that series. As more narrative themes emerged in my work, this tool did its part off in the corners, no longer front and center.


abstract images
Uprising, 39″ x 60″ acrylic, canvas, charcoal, 1989


The photo/paintings, Initiation and Chinese Whispers, [below] are from my recent series Men in Suits, A Day on the Hill, a visual query that tracks such men through the streets and marble halls of Capitol Hill… After collecting my snapshots, I assembled them in large photo/paintings of Ten Stations that begin with Initiation, and mark the stages of passage through the light and shadow of their power.”
-Rosamond Casey


collage with leather shoes and grey slacks
Initiation, 51″ x 36″


Rosamond Casey has widely exhibited and published her painting, calligraphy, book art, and gallery installations. Her work is represented in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, the National Gallery of Art, the Melbert Cary Collection of Graphic Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology, and the Jack Ginsberg Collection of Artist’s Books in Johannesburg, South Africa. Casey is a resident member and past president of the McGuffey Art Center, in Charlottesville, Virginia where she teaches numerous courses including her seminar Mapping the Dark.


collage with pay phones
Chinese Whispers, 37″ x 18″


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— Elizabeth Howard, Art Editor

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