An International Celebration of Poetry Right Here In Charlottesville

This coming Saturday Charlottesville’s  WriterHouse will host its own special segment of an international event in which poets all over the world will be gathering in a spirit of global uplift. The Charlottesville segment will take place Saturday, September 27 at WriterHouse (see: from 4:00 P.M. till 6:30. It’s free.  I attended this event last year at WriterHouse and want to draw your attention to it.

Polly Lazaron, organizer for the event, reports that this is the fifth of these events in which she has participated and the second for which she has been volunteer coordinator. The full name of the event is 100 Thousand Poets for Change and it was founded by poets Michael Rothenberg, publisher/editor and Terri Carrion, assistant editor and art designer of Big Bridge Press and E-zine. Poets in 95 countries responded to their invitation to voice the kinds of change they desired for their communities, countries and the world.  Rothenberg has described its at “a global compilation of local stories.”

When I attended last year, I could see the truth of that statement. Poets think globally and act locally. Here’s a chance to witness them doing so — or, better  yet maybe, participate yourself. It’s free and available. Come on out.

For more information call 434-960-3272

My thanks to Polly Lazaron, who provided much of the information cited here.


Susan Shafarzek



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