New Dream Works by Dimithry Victor

Eye drop, pen



Dimithry Victor, a junior at South Plantation High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, continues to create original and intriguing images, now inspired by personal dreams and Pop art. He draws with pen and ink and digital tools, combining them with media sources.

Leaves in the garden, pen


“Recently,” says Victor, “I have been exploring collages and Pop art from images I see in my dreams. I usually write down what I see in my dream, then I cut out figures from magazines, and get digital backgrounds online, or any source I can find, to recreate the dream image. I edit them to a certain look and put them together to make a collage.

Sky’s the Limit, digital painting


“My dreams are generally inspired by ideas, places, and things I find interesting. I’m reaching for goals or brain-storming. I often see recurring images of flowers and doves. I’m typically in situations that involve me flying, soaring or falling.”

Butterflies and roses, digital painting



In exploring his dream-theme collages, Victor adds objects of personal symbolism. “Flowers represent the sprouting of ideas; doves represent purity, and the watching crowds represent how we feel as a society.









“I wanted to somehow create the feeling of falling, and chose Bart Simpson to do it. The Simpsons are a staple of Pop culture, along with the Mickey Mouse gloves, the Looney Tunes background and the Kaws-inspired objects.” A New York Pop artist and designer, Kaws is best known for toys and clothing overlaid with satiric advertising and popular culture references.

Simpson Pop art, digital drawing

“I used a digital image of the Looney Tunes closing scene, and then digitally drew and painted Bart Simpson, the gloves and the spikes and layered them on top to create the illusion of falling and my own Pop Art.”

Heads and Roses, digital drawing






And Victor continues to flex his creative muscles to new reward. “I made Heads & Roses on my phone. It was made for Danielle, a girl I was dating. The many faces represent all of the multiple sides of me and the roses represent love.

“I am now focused on experimenting and making new things that I like.”










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