New Garbage Disposal by Barbara Conrad

I don’t know why this simple apparatus
makes me smile. After months

of scooping out lemon rinds
and soggy granola with bare hands,

there’s something sweet
about the soft buzz of a motor

mushing up the day’s drudgeries.
It’s a mind, body, spirit kind of thing,

don’t you think? I mean,
when another active shooter

splatters our headlines red
and migrants get stored in cages

while the planet sizzles
and viruses roam the earth

a garbage disposal seems to have
an odd way of leveling the playing field.

stainless steel sink with soggy green weed lying in it
Dirty Sink. Clipart. CC license.

Barbara Conrad
Barbara Conrad is author of three poetry collections: The Gravity of Color, Wild Plums and There Is a Field. She is also Editor of Waiting for Soup, an anthology from the world of homelessness. Her subjects range from ironic takes on life to hard truths about social injustice—hopefully with a bit of attitude.

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