Reflection by Michael Quattrone

light falling on footbridge over water
Waterfall Trail on Fossil Creek by Deborah Lee Soltesz. CC license.


The garden bridge, a subtle arc
that gathers to its bend
the mossy stones of either bank,
and to the water lends

a stagnant symmetry: the dark
tunnel above, the sky
afloat below. A tranquil park
made upside down, and I,

half over, pause upon the brink
to watch the willow send
its branches heavenward, to drink
the light that never ends.

Now speak the truth. No shallow gloss
will shelter us from moss or earth.

Michael Quattrone
Michael Quattrone is the author of Rhinoceroses (New School Chapbook Award, 2006) and the musical album, One River (Wolfe Island Records, 2018). His work has been collected in The Best American Erotic Poems and The Incredible Sestina Anthology. Recent poems appear in Poets Reading the News, Westchester Review, and The Night Heron Barks.

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