Juliet Da Luiso’s Mute Twin

julietpixthreeJuliet Da Luiso, also known as Judy Longley when writing poems,

studies abstract oil painting with Jean Sampson at Macguffey Art Center.


Juliet talks about her painting:

“Poetry has consumed my life.  Rising like a tide

from my unconscious, I’ve felt near drowning in words.


I’ve discovered a mute twin who revels in silence, allows the kinetic relationship between

brush and canvas to release joy, curiosity, an inner sea of intense color splashing

like waves upon the shores of reality.”


Her paintings can be seen the month of Julyjuletpixtwo

at Milli Joe’s, 400 Preston Avenue.

 A reception will be held on First Friday, July 3

from 4-7 p.m.





Judy Longley of Charlottesville, Virginia, has published four books of poetry. Her poems appeared in Poetry, Paris Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, among others. She served as poetry editor for Iris: A Journal About Women, (University of Virginia), Tough Times Companion (Virginia Foundation for the Humanities) and Streetlight.

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One thought on “Juliet Da Luiso’s Mute Twin”

  1. What a beautiful presentation of my essay! It
    makes me feel as if I’m standing in front of Chagall’s
    windows again.

    Thank you, Susan Shafarzek, for the gorgeous layout!
    Judy Longley,( Your sister in art and poetry)

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