The Art of Susan Egbert


Painting of red lilies
Day Lilies, 2014


My involvement with art began early. My father was a freelance artist in upstate New York and I started showing pen and ink drawings with him at the age of twelve. From there, I took art in high school and received a BA in fine art from the New York State University at Oswego.


Painting of train side, outside of train station
Down the Line, Staunton, Va., 2023


Since then, I have been creating art, exhibiting in art shows, exhibitions and galleries and my own studio. I have always been inspired by the Impressionist painters and also by Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper.


Painting of park with trees on one side, stone wall on other
La Ruelle, Sark, 2014


Painting of Thai fishing boat and fisherman on water
Fishing Boats of Hoi An, Thailand, 2017


Through the years, I have experimented with various media including colored pencil, printmaking, acrylic and oil painting and mixed media.


Painting of creek in woods
Craig Creek, Virginia, 2014


About seven or eight years ago, an artist friend mentioned watercolor batiks and I checked out a few videos demonstrating the technique and loved the results. Since watercolor was one media I did not work in, I adapted it to using acrylic washes.


Painting of white cottage in Scotland countryside
The Blue Door, Scotland, 2016


Acrylic batik is a wax-resist process: You begin by transferring your drawing onto rice paper using a water-proof pen such as Micron 05 or 08. The next step is to wax out any areas you want to keep white—then you are ready for the first thin wash.


Painting of Blue Ridge Mountains
Autumn at McAfee Knob, Virginia, 2018


When that is dry, wax out any area you want to remain that color, and repeat using another color wash. Working from light to dark, apply the wax to block further layers of paint until the entire surface is waxed.


Painting of path through woods during with bare trees
Sawtooth Ridge, Virginia, 2018


When your surface is completely coated, crumple the entire painting, spread it out and wash a final color (I generally use a mid to dark blue but any color could be used). Before that wash dries, apply a final wax coating over the entire piece. Then the wax is ironed off (between layers of newspaper) to reveal your creation.


Painting of trail through woods with bare trees
January on the Trail, Virginia, 2021


While this process works well for any subject, my favorite subjects are landscapes with rocks, water and/or deep shadows.


Painting of path along side of mountain
A Different Path, Virginia, 2023


My family has lived in Virginia’s Roanoke Valley for more than thirty years now and as an artist, I can’t help but be influenced by the beauty of our area. Many works were inspired by hikes my husband and I have taken on the Appalachian Trail.

Susan Egbert

Susan Egbert lives in Roanoke, Va. She is currently exhibiting at her studio at Left of Center Art Space, Black Dog Salvage, Roanoke, Va. and The Cabell Gallery in Lexington, Va. She is founding partner of Gallery 108, and a member of the Roanoke Arts Commission and a Signature Member of the Virginia Watercolor Society.

In 2022, she won the Chris Mitchell Memorial Award, Virginia Watercolor Society and in 2022 won First place Mixed Media in the Left of Center Showcase. Egbert’s work is owned by the Boy Scouts of America, Carilion, the Hotel Roanoke and The Heir, Roanoke.

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